Interview tips for scientists

Some tips for scientists on interview techniques


European Commission launch €30 billion for research 2018-2020

The Horizon 2020 work programme has now been launched, with €3.3 billion dedicated to low-carbon climate-resilient living, in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

Focusing on citizen priorities, European Commission commitments and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the plan for Horizon 2020 for the next three years is centred around four so-called “focus areas” – low-carbon climate resilience, the circular economy, the Security Union and the digitalisation of industry and services.

Flexibility has also been integrated into the programme, to deal with unexpected emergencies, like the Ebola outbreak and the Zika virus. In the case of these crises, funding will become speedily available to specialist researchers to tackle the issue.

A European Innovation Council pilot will be set up, as a new way for entrepreneurs and start-ups to gain access to financial support. €2.7 billion of the EU’s Horizon 2020 fund will go into this. Open science and open innovation will be encouraged through the European Open Science Cloud, which will provide EU researchers with the chance to store, share and re-use their data freely. An open research publishing platform is also on the cards.

Extremism and migration have been tackled as part of this programme. €200 million will be pumped into research projects on migration: tackling integration, the usage of ICT, studies focusing on migrant children, and governance policies.

Additional funding will be granted to research projects that are specialising in discovering the drivers of extreme ideologies, especially in the Balkans, North Africa and the Middle East.

Cybersecurity is also on the agenda in terms of security and threats, and grants will be available for studies focusing on the socio-economic impact of digitalisation in industry and services.

€1 billion will be devoted to strengthening international cooperation through 30 flagship initiatives, which could involve exploring personalised medicine with Canada and working with African countries on food security.


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